Jack Hatcher Program

Listen and learn from successful alumni & other business leaders in a 1-hour weekly talk presented by successful entrepreneurial alumni and other guests invited to speak. They will share their background, how they built their business, and general insight into overcoming challenges critical to being an entrepreneur in today’s world. This program is made possible by the Jack Hatcher Endowment for Entrepreneurship, the Bagley College of Engineering, and the Center for Entrepreneurship & Outreach at Mississippi State University.

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Fall 2016

Kimberly Brown


Co-Founder and Principal at Strata Architects

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Michael Bloesch


CEO of Next Wave Energy

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Chris Ewing


CEO of Ewing Kessler, Inc.

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RJ Reed


Founder and CEO of Reed Food Technologies

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Danny Windham


CEO of Digium, Inc.

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Dr. Henry Jones


Co-Founder at Kopis Mobile, LLC

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Shawn Linam


Co-founder and CEO of Qwaltec, Inc

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Tal Clark


SVP at First Data Corporation

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Mississippi State University's Center for Entrepreneurship & Outreach helps students, faculty, and community members start and grow successful companies.

We help entrepreneurs link with our more than 100,000 living alumni, learn tactical business skills, and launch real companies that help define tomorrow's markets. Through this mission we help students actually create their own dream job, strengthening a culture of entrepreneurship among the Bulldog family.